Behold the v2V Manual!

Moving from victim -2- Victory The Manual

The v2V Manual will move you forward into the soul recovery and restoration process that is so necessary
after the many aspects and tragedy of sexual abuse. The work is not easy but the results of victory are worth every effort you make.

Bio of Moving from victim2Victory –“The Manual”

This book was put together when I heard from the Lord, “victim2Victory Ministries.” At the time I heard this, I had just spoken with the local police department to file charges against my wasband (he was my husband) for sexually assaulting my daughter. Thank you F Boyd for the wasband word (many years later).

I didn’t know that I had had an open vision (Thank you, Elder K Jackson for insight and defining through prayer) as to the purpose and ministry God was calling me too. With those words, the search was on to find out how to heal those dealing with sexual abuse.

This was in the late 90’s and churches then did not know how or were they willing to discuss the trauma of sexual abuse. If I’m being totally honest, many churches today still don’t have a space to speak about or help in the healing process for victims.

I was and am still a Disciple of Christ and while I was shaken, I knew that I had to research and learn things to understand how God was going to get any glory out of this tragedy. This journey took me back to the Word, back to school, and into ministry. God brought me ministry out of the misery.

Moving from victim2Victory, “The Manual” is Brenda’s first time in creating a document of this nature. Through her research and studies, she found many resources that when put together, became a comprehensive curriculum to help survivors of sexual abuse begin the journey to healing and change for their lives. Brenda also contributed many articles herself to complete this manual. “The Manual” is good for self help- starting the process of healing; working with a counselor as a guided opportunity to healing, and /or used in a support group setting working with others.