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v2V is a Faith-Based Support Group Ministry for survivors of incest, child sexual abuse & rape.
The ministry meets weekly and is a safe place to share the burdens of the trauma with others and receive strategies for deliverance from the brokenness of the spirit. You can be heard without judgement and helped with discussion in nine areas and receive biblical guidance to usher you to the place of wholeness in a safe environment.


To bring spiritual and emotional wholeness through support group ministry to those who have been fragmented by the issues of sexual abuse incl. incest & rape.


The support group atmosphere will address the issues and provide practical and spiritual resolutions to the process of leaving victimization and living in victory.


1 Corinthians 15:57 – “But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Christ Jesus.” Walking in victory, we will give thanks to the one who brings us to wholeness in our spirit and soul.

Psalms 120:1 – “In my distress, I cried unto the Lord and he heard me.” Having the opportunity to share and know that I am being heard, is a powerful healing position to work in.


victim 2 Victory ®

victom 2 Victory is a 10 step program dealing with truths, anger, grief, rejection, and other feelings dealing with rediscovering yourself in Christ based on the scriptures.

This program can be worked through and the victim emerges into their victory. Opportunities for individual counseling by Ms. Clark or other referrals are available if needed.

victim 2 Victory ® Support Group

The victim 2 Victory support group for women has been in place since 2005. The mandate is to provide a safe place to process the tragedy of sexual abuse, and move forward with a life of victory. This manual in an integral part of the process and helps the survivors to thrive in life. The desire is for this manual to share these insights with others for their victory.

Apostle Brenda Faye Clark, MA, LPC
Founder & Facilitator Copyright © 2005

Valour ®

Valour is a program focusing on men and will be presented to the community soon.

Domestic Violence Recovery For Women

Program will be presented to the community soon.

Mondays eff 09-09-19 at The Potter’s House Denver 630p-830p go to www.tphd.org/lifegroups to register
$50 includes your book – small class – register now to get your seat.
If you have your book, let's come together and work it out!

Tuesdays eff 09-10-19 at Colorado Christian Fellowship 630p-830p go to www.cvtsonline.org/catalog to register
$50 includes your book - small class – register now to get your seat.
If you have your book, let's come together and work it out!


Brenda Faye Clark, MA, LPC is the founder of victim 2 Victory (v2V) Ministries, a faith based support group for women sexual abuse survivors. Brenda has her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Colorado Christian University. She will be soon begin study for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the state of Colorado and founder of Victory Counseling Services LLC in Aurora, CO.

Order on this website or on Amazon. Moving from victim -2- Victory The Manual. A faith based curriculum to help the female survivors of sexual abuse begin their journey to victory.

The Manual will help you Discover:

  • Your Truth and the Power of Denial
  • Dealing with Grief and Rejection
  • Bitterness and Boundaries
  • Forgiveness of Self and the Perpetrator(S)
  • And so much more… Prepare to receive the VICTORY already ordained for your life as you Move From victim2Victory!

    Intercessory Prayer Warriors

    Seasoned people in the Body of Christ praying over the curriculum during the sessions for the Victory for each participant.


    “I have regained my power. Being a victim of sexual assault is a challenging thing but v2V has taught me to see past my circumstances, heal and hold on to my VICTORY!” —JD

    “I realized that I wasn't crazy and that I no longer have to be bound by the cyclical behaviours and patterns that sabotaged my relationships with myself, my husband, and my children. I found MY VOICE! I found the courage to face the really hard stuff, but, most of all, I found freedom and peace. I am not the same woman I once was.” —CZ

    “Before I joined victim to Victory (V2V) I was buried in so much shame and guilt. I allowed my abuse to twist so many things in my life, I never wanted to admit that I was a victim. While on the inside it felt like a dirty secret. V2V changed my life and helped me to set myself free. As I took the V2V course I regained my power. I left the shame behind and acknowledged what happened to me. Being a victim of sexual assault is a challenging thing but V2V has taught me to see past my circumstances, heal my wounds and hold on to my VICTORY!! V2V is a safe space that provides you with the necessary tools to overcome sexual abuse. It is a well rounded course that gives you tools to deal with this world through God's empowerment." —TK

    Contact Brenda Faye Clark, MA, LPC
    @720-808-0924 or vtovministry@yahoo.com for the participation process.

    13693 E Iliff Ave, Ste 112
    Aurora, CO 80014, USA